Porkert KL 55/1

Technical data:

  • Stitch type: double chain stitch (401)
  • Stitches/min: max. 2,000
  • Stitch length: adjustable to max. 3 mm
  • Quantity per hour: 2 pairs of fashionable leather gloves or 6 to 8 pairs of Kevlar gloves with leather palm
  • Needle System: 46x1, Nm 65 - 90
  • Drive power: min. 0.25 - 0,4 kW
  • Net weight: 12 kg, head only

*Subject to technical modifications



For motor and treadle drive. Closed oil-tray at base. Perfect adaptation of lubricating system to the increased stitching capacity, long life. Regulable spring pressure of sewing foot preserves thin materials at high speed. Built-on oil-tray to be opened easily. It preserves highly from getting dirty. Head to be easily lifted from stand in consequence of the sticking hinges.

By means of the modified pressure foot the spring pressure of the pressure foot may easily be set for thin and thick materials (government gloves, e.g. police, military, fire services, etc.) Thus all materials may be sewn carefully at high speed. The narrow cylinder with the hinged needle plate allows faultless sewing of the finger caps. Through the specially designed circle-needle looper even high-tensile yarns of modern manufacture may be used. Gloves sewn by the elastic double-chain stitch of the KL 55/1 fascinate wearers through their comfort. Suitable for sewing leather trimmings on the palm of knitted gloves, e.g. from Kevlar yarn.

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