Dewitta KL 70/3

Technical data:

  • Needle system: 573N / 40-80
  • Needle thickness (normal): 40-70
  • Stitches/min: max. 2,800
  • Stitch length: adjustable, 0.8 - 3 mm
  • Power needed: about 150 W
  • Net weight: about 18 kg
  • Gross weight: about 25 kg

Doppelkettenstich-Maschine mit Abschneidevorrichtung:

For sewing cloth gloves, hosiery and knitted goods. The Dewitta sewing machine will sew perfectly all kinds of textile fabrics such as Nylon, Perlon, Silk, Rayon, Cotton (Simplex, Knitting, Astrakhan and Lining Materials for Gloves), knitted goods as well as soft leather.

Quiet and smooth running, simple operation and attendance.

The cutting device can be engaged or disengaged in any position of the machine. Knives easily inter-changeable. Each machine is equipped with a foot lever for lifting the presser-foot. The presser-foot is lifted by means of a chain operated by a second pedal on the sewing table. Make use of this device, for it will enable the machinist to guide the material to be sewed much more reliably since both her hands are kept free.

Easy replacement of the top knife by taking out the knife holder.

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